Sometimes we need to say "Yes"

To make friends as an adult, we need to start accepting invitations. Today I made my first step.

When I'm invited to an event, I assume it will be boring, people will be uninteresting, and it will be a colossal waste of time. I come up with excuses to skip it. This is wrong.

I was invited to a hike today. I immediately started thinking of ways not to go:

  • I have to work
  • I didn't plan it
  • It's going to be boring

Instead, I embraced my "Yes Man" mentality and went. It was wonderful. The trail was magical, with a beautiful creek in a grove in the middle of Austin. People were intelligent, and I had an inspiring discussion with someone in my field who gave me insights into NFTs and AI art.

To start making friends, we need to start accepting invitations. This is the first step. I got this advice from Alex Lyon, whose YouTube channel is a treasure trove. Here's the full video.