Introducing Daily Notes

There's a new Daily Notes section in the navigator. I will publish my unfiltered thoughts there daily. They won't be in the newsletter.

Introducing Daily Notes
Photo by Jan Kahánek / Unsplash

I will start writing Daily Notes as an experiment.

I was thinking about starting a daily log of ideas for a while. Today at the Write of Passage session, I realized that wonderful Michael Dean had already been doing something similar for a year and a half. Michael is taking a mental snapshot every hour and writing it down. It looks very cool and gives a good insight into how he thinks.

My idea is much more simple. I wanted a place where I can share my thoughts.

At first, I thought it could be Twitter. However, I wanted my quick notes to be hosted together with the long-form blogging.

My second idea was to use Substack Notes. Upon review, I realized that the Notes are actually not integrated with the main blog, so I don't see the point in using them. Also, I strongly dislike Substack's spammy attitude to publishing, so I will stay with Ghost, which is, in my view, a much nicer product. I will write about out soon.

I briefly explored Obsidian Publish as an option but quickly realized that most digital gardens look static - it's unclear when the information was recently updated. I much prefer classic blogs where you see the timeline of recent content.

So my current idea is to have the following system:

  • I will write daily notes as a separate tag, "Daily Notes," in Ghost
  • I will separate Daily Notes separated from the main content. You will need to click on Daily Notes to see them. I won't send Daily Notes as email updates.
  • I will include the best notes in the weekly update (right - I plan to do a weekly update).

Okay, good luck, and let's go!