Monday, May 1st, 2023


This is my first Daily Note and I don't know really what to write. I felt it would be great to share some stream of consciousness and things that I notice during the day.


My favorite pillow is Nest's Easy Breather Pillow - it changed the way I sleep, and I no longer have neck pain. I bought two more today – one for my wife and one for my guest bedroom when I have a sleepover with kids there.

I'm not affiliated. I'm just a fan.


Crypto projects have whitepapers and lightpapers. A whitepaper is more scientific and formal - it takes longer to write it and longer to read. A lightpaper is a more high-level description of the same material.

I was working on Outer Rim's whitepaper and decided to create a lightpaper instead.

For top-down activities, like planning the business, the context is more important than the detail. That's why it's more important to create a lighter version of the full plan and discuss it with the team. Chances are you are wrong about something big, so it isn't worth writing details if you didn't align on the high-level direction.