Friday, May 5, 2023

Value of crypto

  • One problem with crypto is that it tries to monetize something without proven value.
  • Of course, defi is good, but it's just greed. People will be interested because it makes money.
  • However, defi doesn't deliver value by itself. It can optimize other industries that create down-to-earth, normal value.
  • The same way would be wall street. If stocks didn't produce dividends, the whole system would collapse. The whole point of trade on the most basic level is that it represents a value from the real world like they trade coca cola stocks because people want sugary drinks, and the company itself likes to borrow capital.
  • If crypto doesn't find its normal everyday value, it will be all for nothing.


  • Resistance is what's painful. Not the pain or the emotion itself.

Book: Decartes' Error

  • If you remove the emotional center of the brain you cease to make decisions.
  • Conclusion: your emotional state and fitness are the most important. Otherwise, you will forever be an armchair expert.
  • I need to become a writing architect. Otherwise, my writing is just a diary. I think I will be more effective by writing based on proper research.